Forever Young

I am all about comfort and style when it comes to work attire. There is no bigger distraction that being uncomfortable in an outfit that you have to work in for 8-12 hours. Here is a great outfit for work or a Friday night out that is very stylish but also meets my comfort requirements for this winter weather and it also very affordable!


Sweater: Merona Women’s Scoop Neck Tunic Sweater   $28
Pants: TOPMAN Grey Jacquard Skinny Suit Trousers   $110
Shoes: Nly Shoes Prestige   $64
Watch: Juicy Couture ‘Pedigree’ Multifunction Bracelet Watch, 38mm   $250
Ring: Mallarino Caroline Gold-Vermeil Bow Ring   $133
Sunglasses: Standard Classic Tear Drop Military Metal Avitar Sunglasses 56mm 8841   $10
Sooner than later,
The Tiny Professional