Five Years


I can’t even believe it. Time really does go by in the blink of an eye!! Five years ago, Matt and I made it official and became a couple. It’s a funny story (which I am not getting into in this post) and we definitely are two individuals most people would have never thought would end up together, but we have truly become each others support system. Everyone goes through obstacles in life, but having a partner to go through them with, who always supports you, no matter what crazy or rash decisions you make, is a rarity.

One of the many things I love about our relationship is that we set goals as a couple. We both have ideas about what we each want and we both help each other reach those goals. For example, I really wanted to pay off my undergraduate loans and purchase a new house with more space and more land. At just TWENTY FOUR years old, Matt and I were able to make those goals happen because we worked together, budgeted well, and used the extra money we did have to pay off our debt. Some of Matt’s goals were to buy his first ever brand new truck and a brand new Kubota tractor. This past year, we were able to do both!!

When you find someone who supports you and your goals and whom you can sacrifice for at times to provide that same support, you know you’ve found the right person to spend the rest of your life with.



Every morning I wake up, and even if I am feeling underwhelmed or have a lot going on at that point in my life, I know how blessed I am. There are so many reasons for me to be happy. I have Matthew in my life and he puts up with all three (currently FOUR) of our fur babies!! They make our life so much more adventurous and exciting – even though they have their naughty days. I have an amazing family. My dad and two younger brothers would do anything for me; they are always helping us with our master renovation plans. My mom, while not the typical mother-daughter relationship, still does her best to be apart of my life. I have Matt’s family, many of whom I have grown very close with and look at as if they are my own family. My best friends (you know who you are) have been by my side through the many ups and downs, the bumpy unknown roads and still support me on all my spontaneous new endeavors.

So many reasons to be happy. So much to think about over these last FIVE years together.

Just imagine… what will life be like in another five years? or ten? I hope that marriage and children will be in our future towards our late twenties, early thirties. For now, traveling the world (or at least as much as Matt and I can), tackling new projects when we close on our new house, taking care of the ones we love and just living life to its fullest, each and every day, is what’s on our agenda!

Sooner than later,

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