Fifty Percent Feels Good

Well hello everyone:

I am happy to say that we were able to get 50% of the kitchen cabinets primed last night!! I cannot wait until they are all completely finished. I can already tell they are going to look amazing. Matt and I decided that we were going to save money in our renovation budget by painting the kitchen cabinets, rather than buying new ones. By doing this, we were able to do many more improvements to our house, rather than spending all our money in just the kitchen. Last night we were also able to put the final coat of white on all the baseboards. They look brand new! All we had to buy was the primer and paint, which again, saved us big $$$.
We finished painting two coats of white paint on our window casings. They are looking great! We still have to pick out the white molding style that we want to go around the actual windows and doors, but so far the white color we chose is looking good!
Last night we also managed to paint the “half walls” white. Our goal is to put a decorative molding casing around them and then pillars from the ledge to the ceiling. We want the “half walls” to feel as if they were meant for the space. Right now we just feel like they are there. Since there is electrical in the walls and baseboards that run against one side of them, we couldn’t remove them. Again, we cannot wait to see how the finished product looks.
I also love how the office and living room accent wall colors came out. I absolutely love how the colors look with the white molding. Hopefully all the colors I have picked out compliment each other just as well, when the project is finished!

Thanks everyone for keeping up with the renovation project. I still would love to hear any cool ideas about things we could/should do to make the house even better :) We love that we are making our first home exactly how we want it. 

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional