Exterior Renovation: Sidewalks & Landscape

Sidewalks & New Landscaping

For the past few weeks, my dad has been helping Matt and I prep for some new sidewalks. When we first purchased our home there were many personal preferences that we had and wanted to change, many that had to do with the exterior, but because it was November, and the beginning of Winter, we had to wait. This summer we did a lot of yard work – okay Matt did a lot of yard work. He started off by cutting down a lot of trees and clearing out a decent amount of our side yard so that we had more green space. It made our yard bigger, but more importantly it made the property look cleaner. We ripped out all of the landscaping and took down all of the trees in the front yard except for one. I like to keep things simple, and Matt seemed to be on the same page; less is more.

We took our time clearing out the old front landscaping and prepping for our new landscaping. We hauled in a load of dirt to mound up where we wanted the new landscaping to be, sprayed some heavy duty weed killer and then laid down a thick tarp to help prevent future weeds from growing up into the landscaping. Finally we picked out our shrubs and one tree for the corner. After we planted everything we purchased black mulch and moved on the sidewalk preparation.

Landscaping Renovations

Originally there was a pad of brick pavers in the right corner of the front porch where you could walk up into the porch. The step was steeper than normal and the porch itself, with the old iron railing, was not very appealing to the eye. To give the house some more curb appeal, Matt and I decided that we wanted a nice sidewalk. The Pinterest board began! I asked my dad if he could do a curved sidewalk that went from our driveway to the center of the window in the front porch. He said “yes” and when we rented the excavator (see this post) we dug the place for the sidewalk. We also dug a spot on the side of the house for a small concrete pad where you can walk into the side of the garage from our new driveway expansion.

building our sidewalks

Yesterday the concrete came to our house around 4:00pm and my dad, Gary (my dad’s neighbor) and Brian (my youngest brother), helped mold the sidewalks into the final product. They came out great! Once the sidewalks were dry enough, my dad put the sealer on them and then we just had to wait until morning for them to harden.

Sealing the Sidewalks

Next step? Picking out a stone that I like for the front step we still need to build. Any ideas or recommendations anyone?

Future projects: Matt and I are also in the process of getting a new roof, changing our boiler and heating system over from fuel oil to natural gas (to save some $$$ on heat this winter), painting our exterior doors dark grey, putting up all new exterior light fixtures (w. motion lights), adding to white columns to the front of the house (on either side of the step) and replacing the back garage door.

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional