Effective Methods to Train Employees

Effective Training

What new skills do you believe trainers will utilize to be successful in the future?


I am not sure if this is necessarily a “new” skill, but I truly believe that trainers will start to utilize more mentoring in the future. I realize that technology is playing a huge role in the way training is being delivered to employees, but I do not believe that anything (other than virtual training maybe??) can replace the outcomes of one-on-one mentoring. I feel that individuals get the most reward out of working one-on-one with an individual who has been in the business or a position for a long period of time and knows all the ins and outs.

For trainers to be successful in this method of training and development it is crucial that they understand their roles in advising and leading their mentee(s), to communicate with and motivate their mentee(s), and on the flip side, that mentee(s) are prepared to take full advantage of the mentoring partnership to advance their skills and career(s).

Virtual Training

I mentioned virtual training, only because I do believe (some time in the future) that we could develop the technology for some job markets to help employees to do a lot of physical training. What I mean is, virtual training would help employees feel like they are in a real life situation, with limited risk of getting hurt. For example, the military, fire department or police stations might want to use virtual training to help train their employees feel as if they are real danger and make notes about how they act by pure instincts and how much they progress after additional training is provided, that is truly it is all virtual. I would not substitute this for their regular in-house training, but maybe add it to their programs where it could be useful? This would build mental stamina versus the regular physical demanding training.

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