DIY Holiday White Trash

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

I just HAD to share this super cute gift that one of my co-workers gave everyone at work for the holidays. She went out and bought plastic containers (Dollar Store) in bulk and filled them with her homemade “white trash”. See RECIPE below. The containers had a cute little poinsettia print around them. If you cannot find plastic containers that have the same print, stickers or paint could be another option to give the containers a little holiday cheer. Lastly, my co-worker found snowflake shaped tags to write who they were all TO and FROM. They were the cutest and simplest holiday gift idea ever.

Okay, now for the RECIPE

As my co-worker explained it to me, it’s very simple to make. Just buy pretzels in different shapes,┬ácheerios (or any cereal), mixed nuts and teddy grahams. Put everything into one big bowl and melt a brick of white almond bark (Walmart $2.50) onto it. Then mix it all together and lay it on wax paper to dry. That is all there is to to it! It’s the perfect office style DIY gift for the holidays!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional