Curtains & Wall Art

Hello Everyone:

Sorry for my lack in blog posts. It has been another crazy busy weekend. Friday and Saturday, Matt and I focused moving more of our personal belongings and miscellaneous things into the new house. I cannot stand clutter, but at this point it seems unavoidable. Sunday my dad came over and worked on a bunch of “mini” projects. First he rewired the outlet behind the stove so that we could slide it in closer to the wall. It took some time be because the way the power cord had to go into the outlet was tricky, but since my dad is an electrician by trade, he knew what he was doing. Now the stove is up and running and I can officially start cooking meals with it! 

We got all the curtains hung up in the livings rooms, master bedroom and office. I love the longer length (84in) with the stainless stain curtain rods. He also helped hang up some shelving I had picked out, along with some random pieces of wall art (some old and some new). Putting decor on the walls is really starting to tie all the furniture pieces and color combinations all together

Lastly, my dad put up some extra fire detectors. Now we have one in the bedroom, office and main hallway. He just wants to make sure his little girl is safe in case of a fire, and it puts Matt and I and peace as well. 

Tonight he is coming back to finish hooking up the dishwasher and finishing up all the handles on the kitchen cabinets and then we should be ready for the granite countertops this week. We are reaching the end of our renovation journey. It’s feeling a little bitter sweet!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional