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Lately all of my posts have been focused around the renovation of the new house. Today I am going to change directions a little and write about Matthew (my boyfriend) his support for me through everything that has been going on in my life. If you have been keeping up with my blog, then you already know that I am very busy and involved with numerous activities and undertakings. What you might not know, is just how much I am actually involved with and how time consuming everything has been lately. If it were not for Matthew (and my family, of course) I would probably go crazy.

Matt knows how to keep me grounded. I am a dreamer, which is a great thing, most of the time. I am almost coming up with these new and creative ideas, but they aren’t always the best ideas. Matt knows when to pull me back to reality. Within the last 7 or 8 months I have joined about eight new board of directors, stepped onto IGNITE steering committee, become a state finalist for the Miss New York USA pageant, bought a new house (they needed a compete interior renovation), became a Fund Distribution Review Panel Member for the United Way of Cayuga County, completed my bachelor’s degree and started my working towards completing my master’s (in an accelerated program) and decided to start my own not-for-profit organization, with its first program being ‘The Tiny Professional’s Career Closet’.

The last four weeks I have literally been flat out. I have had to buy my books for the spring semester, which starts in a week and a half, get ready for the Miss New York USA pageant, which has taken up hours after hours of my time. I am giving this competition my absolutely all, since is the only opportunity I will ever have at actually winning a pageant (most girls compete year after year). I have driving down to NYC everything other weekend for pre-pageant orientation and coaching workshops. I skyped with Michelle Holmes for additional coaching and advice. I have watched videos, read articles, followed the pageant planet, practiced the choreography with my cousin (who has 19 years of dance experience), practiced walking and siting, worked on my postured, practiced for my interview and reviewed my interview forms. I am so excited for the whole experience and just to be on this journey.

These last three weeks I have also been meeting with foundations and agencies to discuss my mission and vision for the start-up of my not-for-profit organization. There is still a lot of work to be done, but everything is moving steadily along. Again, Matthew is supporting me on this new chapter in my life and is excited to see what might come of it. He supports my ideas, no matter how crazy they might seem and knows that my goal is only to help the livelihood of others within my community.

Before Matt’s cousin’s wedding
Hanging in our fire gear after a morning of training
In our EMT gear, laughing at Owasco Fire Department
Matthew supporting me after I graduated with my Associate’s Degree
Upstate Medical University’s Winter Ball

So, no renovation updates today, and unfortunately none this weekend as it is the 2014 MISS NEW YORK USA PAGEANT WEEKEND!!! I cannot believe it is here already! I apologize if I do not have a chance to post, as I want to remain focused all weekend, but I promise to have lots of fun posts for all my readers when I return!

Through thick and through thin, whether I am dressed up or in my fire gear, Matthew is always there for me 100 percent. He always has my back and “catches me in those moments when I am falling”, and for that I love him.

Sooner than later,

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