Characteristics of a Reputable Employer

What characteristics do you look for in an Employer?

  1. Reputation. For me, a company’s reputation is extremely important. If they are valued by their current employees and customers, then it tells me that they are a reputable organization to work for.
  2. Success of the organization. If a company is not successful, then why would any employee consider working for them? Instability is the complete opposite of what I am looking for in an employer. I want an employer that is successful and that I feel confident will be around for me to retire from.
  3. Quality of products. Although revenue is important to a company, if the company cares more about the quality of their products than the quantity of them, then it sounds like an organization I might want to work for.
  4. Organizational Integrity. Having worked in the field of law for the past two and a half years, I find that ethics within large corporations can sometimes be nonexistent. I always look for an organization who has organizational integrity and truly cares about their mission and not solely about their next paycheck.
  5. Leadership with the Community. Since I am very passionate about giving back to my community through volunteer service, I look for an employer who shares those same values as me.
  6. Benefit packages/Compensation. Although loving your job and the organization you work for is extremely important to me, being fairly compensated for your hard work is equally as important. I always look for employers who are willing to pay their employees a fair salary for the work they are asked to do.

Employee Characteristics

While there are numerous other characteristics that I do look for in an employer, these are my top six. They are not in any particular order and I honestly am not sure which characteristic I look for the most. I guess it would depend on the particular position and situation I was interested in. What are characteristics that you look for in an employer? Why did you choose the career or position that you are in currently? Did the employer have anything to do with that choice?

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  1. Emma says:

    One of the things that’s most important to me in finding a good job is working in an environment that is exciting, upbeat, positive, and just a little bit challenging. I always look for places that creates a sense of family and that seem to actually care about what everyone’s needs are.
    It’s hard to get a real sense of that when you’re interviewing or applying, but you could always ask some questions relating to the work environment when you’re interviewing.

    Thanks for providing these! It made me think a little harder about what I’m looking for in the future!

    1. I could not agree more. The atmosphere of a company is important to me a well, although this is a variable that an fluctuate depending on the career you are in. Some months are busy and some are slower. In many cases that is where good leaders, supervisors and managers come into play. It is important to keep company morale up, even in the slower months.

  2. Great reminders that the employee has an choice in the matter too. I think far too many people are still afraid to speak up about their job because they are just happy to have one right now.

  3. Nice review hee of what to look for when pounding the pavement and knocking on doors for employment. Well done!

  4. Natalie says:

    These are great points! I also think that it’s important to find a good environment to work in! You want to be excited to go to work everyday and work along side other people who you get along with and love to collaborate with. Your team members and leaders play a vital role in your happiness when it comes to your job!


  5. kungphoo says:

    Leadership and integrity are very large in my mind.. That’s why building my organization i try and stay true to that.

  6. Michele says:

    I am now semi retired-but back when I had to have some kind of rapport with the employer (I am a bookkeeper)-I also had to have the sense of trusting him or her. Other then that all the above do apply!

  7. Erin S. says:

    When I was working(now a stay at home mom) I was debating between hospitals and the final point for me was what the employees said and their attitude. I’d rather work with content happy employees!

  8. lisa jones says:

    These Are Great Things To Look For In A Person I Always Like A Team Player Works Well With Others & Don’t Mind Helping Each Other Out!!

  9. Heather says:

    These are all great points when choosing an employer, for me it would be companies that care about what they do, have some ethics, but also value a person’s family life. Too often employees are expected to answer emails and work in the middle of the night or not get time off to be with sick kids. That to me is extremely important.

  10. Jenny says:

    All great points. I remember this really horrible job I had where the General Manager was a complete slacker. She showed up to work late, treated employees like poo and made the environment a complete joke to work in. She got fired eventually but that company went down the pooper shortly after.

  11. I look for an employer that is flexible. I have chronic migraines and miss a lot of work. In the past, what has worked best for me is a flexible schedule where I can also work from home. Hard to find, but luckily more and more employers are moving in this direction!

  12. i remember those day…………. heavy sigh. I haven’t been in the workforce for 9 years.

  13. Amanda @ Erickson and Co. says:

    It stinks working for someone who is not like this. Thanks for the information.

  14. Chasity Boatman says:

    Leadership with the community is so important. I think this list is spot on.

  15. Very valid points. The employee has the responsibility to see if the employer is a right fit for him/her, just as the employer screens it’s employees. I will have to keep these characteristics in mind when I rejoin the work force next fall (my youngest is off to kindergarten!)

  16. Great list. It really gives you something to think about.

  17. It’s a great reminder that it’s not just a job, it’s looking for a company and the person who will guide you to grow.

  18. Rosey says:

    Giving back to the community is important. And strong community ties enhance the job for sure, in more ways than we can count.

  19. Emily P says:

    All these are really good points!

  20. Those are all great characteristics. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Jhady says:

    I left my job so I will be able to take care of my kids but when I’m ready to join the workforce again, I will look at this list as a guide. But most of all I want a company that gives flexibility so I can be there for my kids when they needed me.

  22. Success of the organization is something I look for when interested in a job. But the other characteristics are just as important and hopefully job seekers think about this while job hunting.

  23. Great list… Every good organization needs great employers and this list is definitely going to help employers to work on themselves :)

  24. Ashley M says:

    Agreed with all of the above. Before I send a resume, or agree to work with a company I look for these things because if they arent – you are guilty by association.

  25. Elisebet F says:

    Good points! I think integrity is key. After that, I look for an environment where I think I will grow.

  26. Great tips, I always look for reputation and benefits – that’s what my first two concerns are.

  27. Great points. It has been a while since I worked for someone else, but it is good to keep in mind.

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