• Professionalism
  • How Do You Define Success?

    Since adults change daily, can any positive or negative change in areas not measured by obtaining a job, getting a promotion, or even becoming a US citizen, be attributed to what occurs in the adult learning programs? Just as in drinking driver programs, can we measure the number of adults who become “successful” rather than […]

  • Human Resources
  • Development Plans

    Why should companies be interested in helping employees plan their development? What benefits can companies gain? What are the risks? Companies should be interested in helping employees plan their development to improve employee morale and motivation by matching skills to job requirements and providing opportunities for internal promotion. This would ensure that capable employees have […]

  • Human Resources
  • Cloud Computing

    What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a relatively new development that is being accepted by businesses. The “cloud” is essentially an off site server that hosts programs, emails and/or company information. I recently switched to cloud computing for my tiny professional email (office 365) and a few other programs because they are more easily accessible. […]