Hi Everyone:

Time for another quick update (sorry I don’t have more to write post about). Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for me. I feel like all I do is run around lately. I am so excited that the Miss New York USA pageant is less than a week away. It seems like just yesterday I was asking local business, friends and family to sponsor. What a journey these past few months have been! Anyways, last night we were able to start putting up the casting around all the windows in the kitchen, dining room and both living rooms. We also finished putting the casing up around the front door, front closet and sliding back door.

The goal is to finish the casing and all the baseboard molding this weekend so that we can start moving in furniture!! Wow, I honestly cannot believe we have finally made it to this point! Time to start (slowly) moving our stuff in!!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional