Branding Yourself

So once again, I feel like I haven’t posted in forever! My apologies but grad school has consumed me. Only 10 more days to go though, and I could not be more excited… no seriously!! Anyways, thinking towards the future, as I always tend to do, I have been brainstorming potential ideas for my doctoral study. Yes, I do want to continue on and obtain my Doctorate of Business Administration in Management with a concentration in Leadership. I tossed and turned with the ideating of getting a Ph.D., but that degree is more research and theory based while the DBA is more focused on applied management. I actually want to be a CEO not theorize about management trends.

Yesterday was the start of the official logo and branding for The Tiny Professional (TTP). I have my blog, my closet and am still in the works of the non-profit, although the vision and mission will be changing a bit. My goal for my doctoral study is to develop a curriculum that focuses on helping children and young professionals become “tiny professionals”, by building leadership skills, completing mini workplace activities and explaining (with PowerPoint assistance) the importance of getting a good education, so that these students are not held back from moving up in the company they work for one day. I feel that there are many professional skills that are not taught to children at an early age that should be. It is never too early to learn about how to prepare yourself for “real life”. It does not mean that you cannot still be imaginative and dream big, because trust me, I still do, it just means that children should be taught basic skills, as early as second grade, that could potentially help them have a better chance at getting a job than their peers when they are out of high school or college.

One of my favorite bloggers, Emma Bauso, has been a HUGE help in my logo design journey. She has been able to see my vision, even clearer than I could and help construct some great designs! I cannot wait until everything is completed and I can start using the new logo and header on my blog, website, letterhead, and even for new business cards. So, look forward to a lot of new updates and posts about our progress together! Developing a new brand is always an exciting process. Also, the content of my posts and blog structure are going to be changing a bit in the future. I am going to be posting more about leadership, education, professionalism and myself more than I have in the past. Since the renovation is done, I have run out of updates to post for the time being. When Matt and I start our next project, I will be sure to keep everyone posted!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional

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