Follow my blog with Bloglovin

On my old blog, with the .blogspot URL, I had 410 Bloglovin followers. One of the hardest decisions I had to accept when changing my domain name, was knowing that I would not be able to transfer all of those followers over. I have to do a lot of rebuilding of the branding and social media out reach that I worked so hard to build. But I look at this as both positive and negative:


  • I will be able to see which followers truly follow my blow because they enjoy reading the content I write
  • I will be able to do a “clean up” of the the bloggers who are no longer actively using Bloglovin as a resource
  • I plan on spending some more time myself categorizing my favorite blogs to help build up “my favorites” page


  • I will have to do a lot of branding and marketing all over again and reach out to bloggers to inform them that I have changed domains and that they will need to follow my new domain for new posts
  • I now only have 2 followers
  • I have to decide if I should remove my old blog from my Bloglovin account so that bloggers do not keep following that bog, since I will no longer be posting content on it (My Point? It could get confusing having two blogs with the same name)

If anyone has ideas or suggestions, or maybe if you just want to share the steps that you took when you changed your domain name, it would be most appreciated. I am learning that there are so many little steps I need to take to make a smooth transition, such as making sure all my links from old posts work on my new blog and that all my social media blog links point to my new domain name. It can definitely be overwhelming, but I realize that many bloggers purchase their domains later on, so who am I to complain?

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional