Accent Pieces

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from Pier 1 Imports that our love seat was in stock and ready to be picked up. So after my board meeting, Matt and I made the 55 minute drive to Syracuse to pick up the new piece! Thankfully it came packaged up in a box because we literally tossed it in the back up his pickup truck. On our way home we also stopped at Marshals in Auburn to grab the accent chair for the office that I have had my eye on. I wanted to look around for a bit to make sure it was “the one”, but after a long search throughout many different home décor stores, I still felt this one was the best fit for the space. My mind was made up.

The only thing left? Accent pillows!! Unfortunately I didn’t see any pillows I liked yesterday, so I will have to keep my eyes open for some bright print pillows that will look nice on the grey chair. I am so excited that the furniture and décor is coming together nicely and that the countertops will be installed on Thursday!! It’s going to be so nice to have a kitchen sink… you have no idea!! Right now we are eating cereal and washing the dishes in the bathroom. It’s a little weird. Soon I am going to be posting where I bought all my décor pieces so that you can buy them yourself, since so many people have commenting that they like my taste in home décor. I will also try and add links to websites will similar items for sale so that you can get the same design at a reasonable price!

I also almost forget to mention that my dad was able to finish putting on all the stainless steel handles on the cabinetry. I love the look of the final design. I can’t wait to see how everything looks. I am still keeping my eyes out for stools to put around the island overhang. I am going to need at least six matching stools, so if anyone has any recommendations, PLEASE let me know! I am looking for something simple and modern that fits the design of the space. The island overhang is 12 inches all the way around the back of the “L”.

[P.S. I just HAD to post a picture of the new range hood in the box since I am going to wait and surprise everyone until the kitchen is finished this week]


Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional