Hi, my name is Felicia Franceschelli and I am the author and founder of The Tiny Professional. Thank you for stopping by and wanting to get to know more about me. I have a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Psychology. I currently am in my second semester of an ABSN program for Nursing, as it is my goal to become a Licensed Nurse Practitioner within the next three years, and work within Health Care Management.

There is a new special guy in my life and his name is Shawn. We met in May of 2017, and just recently¬† moved to a new city together. 2018 is going to be a really exciting year for us both and I’m unbelievable lucky to have someone like him by my side!!

I have evolved a lot as a writer, a professional and as a person since I started this blog in 2013. I have taken down many of my old posts, and going forward, they will be focused around my life presently. I have challenged myself to live a simple and more purposeful life in 2018, and I am excited to continue to get rid of the many things I don’t actually use (or need). I spent the months of November and December (2017) selling and donating many pieces of clothing and furniture before our move.

I am excited to continue to share this new chapter of my life with you. I have been off-the-grid for over a year now, and I’ve missed the outlet of writing. But I’m back!!

Sooner than later,

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