5 Things I Have Learned from Working in a Law Office

5 Things I Have Learned from Working in a Law Office

Hi everyone! Today I am doing a guest post with Emma Bauso. We thought it would be interesting to both share five things that we have each learned from working at a law firm. If you want to read about the five skills I have learned, click here.

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And now for Emma’s post:

There are so many things that I am extremely grateful to have learned during my time working in a law office that I have been able to apply to all different aspects of my life, both personal and professional. I definitely want to touch on both of those areas, but I also want to say that I think every job you have during your lifetime is beneficial and nothing is a waste of time- especially if you’re getting paid! I’ve worked in food service and now the legal and design fields, and I can honestly say that the knowledge that I have gained from every job I’ve worked has been exponentially beneficial in many ways.

I advise that if you’re not happy with your current professional situation that you try to find more fulfilling work, but also remember to think of all the positive aspects of the job and what you’ve gained

So, here are five things I’ve learned from working in a law office (in no particular order):

  1. File organization- There are an infinite number of ways to organize your client files, but figuring out a system that works every time is so important. It’s also important to keep a record of every email, phone call, meeting, and exchange of ideas and information because in almost every industry, all the information that you get is important in the overall scope of the file. It also helps to organize lengthy projects/processes into a grab sheet with a list of all the things you’ll need in order to finish the job. This is especially true with real estate, estates, family matters, and bankruptcy cases. Come up with a system for opening, maintaining, and closing files and you can’t go wrong.
  2. Age and seniority are still factors- I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but the fact is that in most industries you have to play by the rules of seniority. There are definitely instances when fighting ageism and seniority are ok, but it’s important to keep in mind that the people who have been working there for a long time might have more pull, whether you’re right or wrong, smart or not so smart. Sometimes the best thing you can do is smile, nod, and wait for a time that it’s worth battling for what you want or think is right.
  3. Abstracts, Title Insurance, Easements, Tax Map Numbers, Retainer, Recording, etc.- These are law-specific, but no matter where you work, you will learn about processes and things that you might have never heard of in your life. When I started here as an errand runner I literally had no idea what “recording” was. I thought I would be going to the Clerk’s Office and writing things for hours. I had no idea that when you buy a house you get an abstract that is worth hundreds of dollars and if you lose it, you have to buy a new one. I didn’t know that if you take out a mortgage, you also have to pay for Title Insurance (which I still don’t even fully understand). These are all things that will come in handy when I start looking into owning a house. And that’s all just regarding real estate!
  4. You won’t love your job every day- There will be days that you want to quit, that you hate everyone, that you don’t understand the purpose of those mundane tasks, and that you feel like things are going wrong wrong wrong. Even if you’re in the field that you want to be in, things get hard and imperfect. It doesn’t mean you’re headed in the wrong direction. If your feelings continue, find a way to fix the problems and make your own happiness!
  5. “Adult” jobs are really cool- The 9-5 job isn’t for anyone, and sometimes I questions whether it’s even right for me every day of the week, but they have their perks. Weekends and major holidays off, some vacation time, adult conversation (majorly important when you have a 2 year old at home), cake on your birthday, responsibility and trust. I feel really lucky to have an “adult” job at such a young age that has fostered all sorts of learning experiences and opportunities, as well as a heightened self-worth and sense of what’s next for me.

Thank you so much, Felicia, for having me here today! Make sure you hop over to my blog to check out the 5 things that Felicia has learned by working at a law office!

About the Author:

Emma is a part time legal assistant in Cayuga County while working towards her dream of becoming a graphic desigemma about the author picner. Be sure to check out her portfolio to check out some of her most recent work, including the design of The Tiny Professional logo. She is a mother of one and actively involved in IGNITE.

Some of Emma’s favorite things are the color grey, pretty lattes, artsy photography, sans serif fonts, hand lettering, office supplies, Target, good shopping deals, dinner parties, baby birth announcements, sleeping in, Coca-Cola, new friends, old friends, and anything gold.

On her blog she writes about what she finds interesting and inspiring. There are bits and pieces of design, her family, projects, and ramblings about life.


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20 Replies to “5 Things I Have Learned from Working in a Law Office”

  1. Good lessons here.. there are a ton of things to learn in an office setting. You have to be very versatile.

  2. It is nice when you love what you do. I imagine it doesn’t get too boring in a law office. Thanks for an enjoyable visit.

  3. I totally agree with the whole “9-5” job thing. I thought I was going to hate it when I started ( Goodbye free time!) but I’m actually really enjoying it. Like you said, it feels good to have an “adult” job….. even though I hardly feel like I can classify myself as an adult!

    P.S. This was a cool post. I enjoyed reading both of them!

  4. I don’t think anyone loves their job everyday! Neat list!

  5. It’s true you won’t love your job everyday. I think if you love it most days, you’re in good shape. 🙂

  6. Great tips! I especially like the one on organizing a good filing system! It’s frustrating when you can’t find a document that you know is there, especially when someone wants it right as you’re searching for it!

  7. It sounds like you’re truly learning how to organize and be efficient down to the nth detail. That’s a good, good thing!

  8. What a great “inside look” at what it might be like to work in a law office. It is interesting how we learn things at our jobs that help us in more ways that one.

  9. I agree with what you’ve shared. I used to work in a bank but under the foreclosure department where my bosses were legal attorneys writing up plenty of legal documents with so many clauses. I learned to read the “fine prints” after my 5 years stint there. I learned how to understand some legal terminologies and yes, the organizational skills of these legal powerhouses in the office rubbed on to me. It was a great experience!

  10. I agree with age and seniority, I experienced that with my previous job. Working is a learning field as well.

  11. I don’t love my job every day, but I love it most days and so I stick with it. 🙂