The past year of my life has gone by with the blink of an eye. I have changed jobs, accomplished new goals, traveled to new places, made new friendships, but most of all, taken a lot of chances. I am so blessed to live such an amazing life, filled with so many wonderful and supportive people. Whenever I feel overburdened, or too stressed, I always have someone there to lean on, especially my Matthew.

I am excited, and hopeful to start blogging more regularly again. Someone wise once told me that life comes in a cycle of waves. I spent two years working hard on this blog, and the past year I needed to take a step back so that I could fill other voids in my life. Now, I am excited to be re-energized and ready to write again! I have so much to catch you up on.

New dogs: Mia Mercedes, Coby Royce, Lady Lexus… and a temporary addition, Brute (Matt’s grandpa’s little dog). Lots of new projects going on at the house. A bathroom remodel that I will be blogging about soon! And the best news of all…. Matthew and I are moving to a new home!!! Hopefully this house will be our forever home, where we can start our family!


I hope this energy and excitement is contagious! 2016 is a new year, and even though it’s the middle of February, there is lots of time left to accomplish great things this year. Some goals of mine:

  1. Start a yoga class – I really need to get more in tune with my mind, body and soul and learn to just relax
  2. Take more vacations – I already booked a girls trip to Cancun this March! I definitely need a break from reality at times
  3. Obtain my PHR – This is a professional human resource certification that will help me stand out in my field
  4. Stay connected with my friends more – Life can get so busy at times, it’s easy to loose touch with good friends and turn down invitations to events that really do keep you connected. Having a small social girl is important.
  5. Grow my R+F business – I already have an amazing team of women, but this is the year to kick things into high gear!! Time to RUN!

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional

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  1. MaryLou McKay says:

    Glad that you are starting again, Felicia! It helps me, as your AML, stay connected!

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