20 Closet Must Haves

There are definitely some essentials that a girl MUST have in her closet. Here is a list I compiled of what I feel is essential and that I have in my closet. If you cannot tell by the end of the list, I really like white and neutral tones. They are easy to mix and match with any outfit and are essential basic pieces to have. Don’t get me wrong, a girl definitely wants to have lots of accessories and personality in her wardrobe, but these pieces are the MUST haves.

#1. White T-Shirt (this is a must in every girls closet)
#2. 3/4 Sleeve White Shirt
#3. Nude Flats
#4. Nude Heels (they go with anything)
#5. White Casual Dress
#6. White Party Dress (just be careful of spills!)
#7. White or Neutral Handbag
#8. Grey or Neutral Chinos
#9. Light Pair of Denim
#10. ‘Boyfriend’ fit Sweatshirt


#11. At least one nice Sweater
#12. Simple Statement Necklace (I love the color teal)
#13. Statement Necklace with a pop of color
#14. Cocktail Ring
#15. Silver Sparkly Earrings
#16. Simple Elegant Bangle(s)
#17. Travel Makeup Kit (yes in your closet!!)
#18. Blazer (any color is fine)
#19. Neon color Clutch
#20. One Pair of Fun Shoes/Heels

Sooner than later,

The Tiny Professional