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  • 2016 // A Year in Review


    2016 has been quite a journey for me. I have discovered what I am not, who I am not, and what I don’t want out of life. I have learned and felt the burden of putting others before yourself. I have finally conquered the nearly impossible task, of saying “no”, when I already have too […]

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  • Nova is One


    My Goddaughter turned One I cannot believe that Nova turned one yesterday! I am sure her mother and blogger, Emma Bauso, can’t believe it either. I happened to check my Timehop on Saturday and there were all the pictures of me holding Nova just a few hours old in the hospital – so tiny! Today Emma […]

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  • My Ingredients to Life

    My Ingredients to Life

    Last Wednesday evening at Yoga, our instructor challenged us to think outside the box. What would our lives look like if they were made up of ingredients? Herbs, spices and parts of a dish that all need to blend together to make something that is tasty and worth sharing with others. I found myself thinking […]

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  • Stylebook

    Stylebook App

    Need a Solution for Closet Organization? I found the answer!! I came across Stylebook just a couple weeks before I started my Happiness Project. The timing could not have been more perfect, especially since May is focused on Organization. While it did take a lot of dedication, time and energy to upload all my clothing […]

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  • Happiness Project: May 04

    I can do this

    THE BEGINNING. I am exactly FOUR days into my Happiness Project and it definitely is not going to plan, but life never does. We closed on our new house, April 25th and because we choose to rent our other house, we had double the cleaning and organizing duties. Finally, we are in good shape. It […]